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Better Alternative Fuel Than fossil fuel energy

it’s actually hydrogen that’s burning, as his machine generates enough heat to break down the chemical bond between hydrogen and oxygen that makes up Fire.

Water fuel research is still in development

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  • New catalysts for better fuel cells January 9, 2019
    Researchers have fabricated nano-sized catalysts that could improve the performance and production of clean energy fuel cells.
  • Droughts boost emissions as hydropower dries up December 21, 2018
    Recent droughts caused increases in emissions of carbon dioxide and harmful air pollutants from power generation in several western states as fossil fuels came online to replace hampered hydroelectric power. A new study quantifies the impact.
  • A lung-inspired design turns water into fuel December 20, 2018
    Scientists have designed an electrocatalytic mechanism that works like a mammalian lung to convert water into fuel. Their research could help existing clean energy technologies run more efficiently.
  • Professor models system using baking soda filled capsules to capture CO2 emissions December 12, 2018
    Coal and natural gas represent the majority of the US energy supply. Even with pollution controls, burning these fossil fuels for energy releases a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Research uses microcapsule technology that may make post-combustion carbon capture cheaper, safer, and more efficient.
  • Low-cost catalyst boosts hydrogen production from water December 12, 2018
    A future powered by carbon-free fuel depends on our ability to harness and store energy from renewable but intermittent sources, such as solar and wind. Now, a new catalyst gives a boost to a number of clean energy technologies that depend on producing hydrogen from water.
  • Paving the way for more efficient hydrogen cars December 5, 2018
    For hydrogen cars to become mainstream, scientists need to develop more efficient hydrogen-storage systems. Now, researchers have used metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) to set a new record for hydrogen storage capacity under normal operating conditions.
  • Team converts wet biological waste to diesel-compatible fuel December 4, 2018
    In a step toward producing renewable engine fuels that are compatible with existing diesel fuel infrastructure, researchers report they can convert wet biowaste, such as swine manure and food scraps, into a fuel that can be blended with diesel and that shares diesel's combustion efficiency and emissions profile.
  • New catalyst produces cheap hydrogen fuel November 29, 2018
    Chemistry researchers have discovered cheaper and more efficient materials for producing hydrogen for the storage of renewable energy that could replace current water-splitting catalysts.
  • Putting hybrid-electric aircraft performance to the test November 27, 2018
    Although hybrid-electric cars are becoming commonplace, similar technology applied to airplanes comes with significantly different challenges. Aerospace engineers are addressing some of them toward the development of a more sustainable alternative to fossil fuels to power airplanes.
  • A life cycle solution to fossil fuel impacts November 27, 2018
    Pennsylvania's energy history is rich with the quantities of fossil fuels that it has produced, but is also rife with the environmental legacies of coal mining and, more recently, hydrofracturing. Water that finds its way into abandoned coal mines dotted throughout the Commonwealth resurfaces as acid mine drainage (AMD), while freshwater used to fractur […]